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Producing fine art oil paintings portraits from photos and famous artists. Portrait in realistic, impressionist loose strokes or any style you prefer.

Oil Painting Portrait

Prices as low as:
16 x 20 = $180.
20 x 24 = $220.
24 x 36 = $280.
30 x 40 = $360.
36 x 48 = $460.
48 x 60 = $520.
48 x 72 = $580.

Meas. in Inches
ALL sizes available
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You receive photos of your completed oil painting and corrections can be made to assure your complete satisfaction

Portrait Painting from Photo picture image

Fine Art Oil painting Portrait Reproduction from your Image, Photo or Museum.

Floral arrangements, extra figures or background details can add to the cost of your portrait or reproduction.

Famous portraits, intimate portraits are our specialty

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National Portrait Gallery
Smithsonian Portraits
National Portrait Gallery US
National Gallery of Art

Order oil paintings in any sizes painted specially for you. We can make changes to background, clothing, colors or any requirements you have.

Oil painting portrait on canvas from museum painting famous portrait

Oil painting portrait from photo, your oil painting will be an authentic hand painted oil painting portrait done entirely by hand from start to finish. No print on canvas, no paint over copy...

Your oil painting portrait can be from any photos of wedding, baby, pet, image. photo or famous museum portrait reproduce as an oil painting even your face painted replacing the original subject

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Oil painting hand painted of  Pope John Paul

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Oil painting portrait hand painted
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